Our Story

Excellent Nannies On Call has been family owned and operated in Savannah, GA for over 10 years. We offer convenient, secure and high-quality 24 hour child care services in the safety of your home or temporary lodging.

Our group of nannies includes: educators, mothers, grandmothers, students, Doulas, and registered nurses. To be placed on our on-call registry, nannies must be of good character, conscientious and most importantly have a genuine respect and love of children. Locating a trustworthy and loving childcare provider is just a phone call away.

Our highly qualified nannies are all experienced child care providers. Our nannies will give your children their undivided attention. Whether you would like your child gently rocked to sleep or engaged in a full day of activity, we are ready to match your needs!

Our 24 hour service team of On Call nannies are experienced, nurturing, dependable, fully vetted and available to meet your childcare needs 7 days per week. Excellent Nannies On Call compliments, rather than replaces, your family’s normal childcare arrangements. By utilizing Excellent Nannies On Call, you have access to a childcare professional in as little as one hours’ notice. When your childcare arrangements will fall through. Let us be your childcare safety net!

We make it easy


Each of our Nannies come with a minimum of 2 years professional childcare experience. They are so much more than the neighborhood date-night babysitter! ENOC Nannies have been trained in a multitude of age groups and specializations; many with child-related degrees. Our Nannies know how to engage the toddler who is attached to mom’s hip, soothe the teething infant, and entice the gamer away from the screen, all while keeping the family’s routine and home in order. 


Every ENOC Nanny navigates a comprehensive hiring process. Applicants are screened for experience before they are interviewed by three members of our hiring team, including the owner. We don’t settle. Each member of the hiring team must be impressed or the applicant doesn’t move forward. Less than 10% of the applicants who make it this far in our hiring process are welcomed to the ENOC team. We also demand GLOWING references and passing an extensive background check. 


ENOC Nannies come from many backgrounds. They complete multiple competency exams at the time of hire and all are Child and Infant CPR & First Aid certified. Additionally, we understand how important it is to stay at the top of your chosen field. Therefore, we are one of few agencies whose Nannies complete annual childcare-related continuing education. 


For parents, the two most important components of a family are their children and their home. We deeply respect the vulnerability families experience when bringing in a Nanny, especially one they have not met before. This is why we conduct some of the most extensive background checks in the industry, to the fullest extent the law allows. Our Nannies have crystal clear backgrounds and several past employers vouching for them. They are safe, trustworthy, and respectful. Your home and your family are in great hands with our Nannies. 

To read about our COVID policy click here.

What our Nannies can do for you

Nanny duties include:

  • Attend to each child’s basic physical, emotional, and developmental needs

  • Create a nurturing, safe, and appropriately stimulating environment

  • Engage children with fun and developmentally appropriate activities.

  • Feed the children based on your meal plan and food provided, the Nanny will bring their own food

  • Cleaning up with the children

  • ENOC Nannies facilitate screen time (TV, IPad, etc.) only at the request of the parents

  • Teaching positive guidance technique

Nanny limitations:

  • Administering any type of medication
  • Attending to pets
  • Taking the children swimming
  • Driving the children under any circumstances
  • Doing household chores
  • Facilitating household management
Baby Crawling

What to Expect

Simply provide a few key details (names, ages, dates, times, location, special requests, etc.) and we will get to work finding you the perfect Nanny to support your family’s needs.

Once your Nanny has accepted your request, they will call you to confirm the date, time, and details of the job. 

This block of time has been reserved especially for you by your Nanny, who is excited to care for your children. It is important to know that should you end care earlier than expected, you are still financially responsible for the entire requested time. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information.

End of Care

Your Nanny will arrive at work 5-10 minutes early to allow for transition time so you, your kiddos, and the Nanny are set up for success.

Your Nanny will bill you for the services provided at the end of their shift. Please do not stress about returning early.  If you are running behind and arrive late to relieve your Nanny, he/she will adjust the time as needed.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests submitted with more than a 24-hour notice, are subject to a charge of $10 per hour for the care time requested (regardless of whether or not the request has been staffed).

Cancellation requests submitted with less than a 24-hour notice, will result in a full booking fee charged to the account.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Excellent Nannies On Call does not discriminate nor tolerate any discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, or reprisal. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all our clients, Nannies, and employees.

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